Since its establishment, Crocist carries out manufacturing and assembly of wooden and plastic shutters commitments. With the technological development in materials and systems, it continues its facilities by using developed product materials such as tubular drives, multiple control systems, insulated aluminum and steel profiles with very fast adaptation.

We are realizing production, sales and installation of brisoley system (external venetian blinds), wind and sun resistant exterior screen systems and sliding and / or folding shutters (wood, aluminum, textile), which are the other alternatives of solar control systems.

Our activities for materials and contracting services are continuing domestically and internationally. Adult expert personnel are furnishing services in our material sales and commitments. Our technical staffs have been going through the application support to dealers, to whom we are realizing material sales,

The basic principle of our company is customer satisfaction. For this reason our company organize service days regularly every week. Whether you choose us or not for your commitments, we support service to you in your every need.

Distinguishing features of our products;

o   Bring the most appropriate solutions in energy saving, Provide superior security,

o   Provide durable and attractive color alternatives make it easy to architectural solutions.

o   Provide excellent technical specifications provide long-term trouble-free ease of operation.

o   Provide unrivaled ease in installation and applications.

o   Provide long-term assurance since in collaboration with the world's most advanced motor systems and automation provider Elero.


Our products owe their superiority to its excellent research and development and quality control system.

o   Rigorous selection of the sources of supply of raw materials, taking into production after passing a rigorous quality control inspection of each party that are provided in addition to quality control studies in this resource

o   Continue with the same rigorous quality control at every stage of production. Our company belonging to group of companies which woke up to ISO 9001 rules since a long time, will also soon be eligible to IGQ document.

o   Quality work is not only in the production phase. Our company’s responsibility does not end with the entrance of the product into finished goods warehouse.

o   Wind resistance tests

o   Heat insulation tests

o   Sound insulation tests

o   Optical tests on the durability of colors

o   Abrasion-resistance tests for shutters and door palettes.

Necessary researches and corrective measures as an ongoing operation basis to eliminate the problems encountered during the use of the product are an integral part of production activities.

Our belief
 “ Everyone has the right to use the highest quality products “