The flowing form of the Metalunic Sinus can be harmoniously integrated into any facade and is ideal for a trendy, contemporary look in home furnishings. The Sinus slats direct sun rays to the ceiling. In doing so, the effect of the light reflected by the curved slats reduces glare on work spaces. Metalunic Sinus offers two things in one: use of existing daylight and comfortable glare protection.


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METALUNIC V Sinus All-metal Venetian blinds

Better use of daylight, reduced glare in the typical shading position of about 45°.
All-metal construction with self-supporting slats. Slats with an attractive sinus shape. Lifting and adjustment mechanism integrated in the lateral guides. Lateral lifting mechanism with steel roller chain. Stainless scissor chain for adjusting the slats in any blind position. Two alternative lowering positions; blinds lift in a bright position. Good obscuration function. Integrated safety locking device in each position. Safety sensing edge prevents destruction of the blind in the event of collisions with obstacles. Slats flanged on both sides with a rolled-in, sound-absorbing sealing lip. Baked-enamel in 150 Premium Colors. Side rails of extruded aluminium, 85 × 45 mm for direct installation, colourless anodised. With sound-absorbing plastic slides on the pivot arms.