Rolpac provides many advantages, for example, a generous slat spacing which guarantees better air circulation in a room and more ambient light or the integrated safety locking device in closed position. A further advantage is the safety sensing edge: As soon as the motor detects an obstacle, the rolling shutters automatically stop their descent and are protected from damage.



Rolpac                                                    GriColors                                             Wind classes rolling shutters



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Rolpac III Aluminum stackable rolling shutter with compulsory folding

Mobile slat connections made from stainless steel, with air and light slots. Compulsory folding and closing function. Curtain made of aluminum hollow slats, 41 × 8 mm, with guide bolts pressed into the side, baked enamel finish in 100 standard colors. Baked enamel finish sheet metal housing as support system for slat package and lower niche end. Spindle made from galvanized sheet steel. Guide rails, 20 x 35 mm, made from extruded aluminum, transparently anodized, with weatherproof noise insulation inserts.